alkoxyl group


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  • alkoxyl — alˈkäksə̇l noun ( s) Etymology: blend of alkyl and oxy : an univalent radical RO (as methoxyl) composed of an alkyl group united with oxygen …   Useful english dictionary

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  • alkoxy — (ˈ)al|käksē adjective Etymology: from International Scientific Vocabulary alkoxy , from alkoxyl : of, relating to, or containing alkoxyl alkoxy groups * * * /al kok see/, adj. Chem. of or containing a univalent organic radical consisting of an… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • alkoxide — alˈkäkˌsīd, sə̇d noun ( s) Etymology: alkoxy + ide : a binary compound (as a methoxide) of an alkoxyl; especially : a base formed from an alcohol by replacement of the hydroxyl hydrogen with a metal * * * /al kok suyd, sid/, n. Chem. a compound… …   Useful english dictionary

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